About Shallots Bistro

Shallots Bistro is a full service restaurant featuring elaborate lunch, dinner, and drink menus. Ranging from sushi and sandwiches to gourmet steaks, Shallots takes pride in being 100% Kosher and under the supervision of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc).

Shallots Bistro’s succulent steaks are a prime example of timeless Bistro fare. Ranging from the classical, served with pommes frites and a red wine reduction, to the modern blackened and Patron marinated. Our lunch and bar menu features more traditional American fare, such as various burgers, wings, tenders, and wraps, while all soups and salads are house made. Making sure every dining experience ends on a warm note, we bake our signature ‘Black Hat’ molten chocolate cake just for you.

With an expansive dining room, amply-sized bar, and private dining areas, Shallots Bistro can accommodate nearly any size party. For the ultimate in-house dining experience, ask about our private Chef’s Table, an intimate experience featuring cuisine that is up to you entirely. Additionally, we offer off-site catering options that can be customized to your exact needs, whenever and wherever you’d like. The restaurant is yours to explore and indulge in, the chefs are there to quench your personalized cravings, and the staff is there to make your meal an experience to remember.

Shallots Bistro is not just Chicagoland’s premier Kosher restaurant, but rather, it’s a great restaurant that just so happens to be Kosher.

Executive Chef Carlos Resendiz’s roots lie in Durango, Mexico. After graduating from culinary school, he began his culinary career at the world-renowned George Jewell Catering in 1993. Spending 15 years there as the executive and field chef, some of the people he had the honor of preparing food for were President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama and The Royal Princess Diana. Chef Carlos continues to remain passionate about cuisine and is constantly striving towards excellence. Not only is Chef Carlos known for his wonderful food and presentation, he is a great leader. Whether the event he is catering for is for 2 or 2,000 guests Chef Carlos always makes sure each dining experience is personalized and made with love.

Executive Sushi Chef Justin Kim began his culinary career in South Korea. After graduating from university in Korea and completing his time in the Korean army, Chef Justin moved to America in 2004. He began his passionate work at a very reputable sushi restaurant in Lincoln Park. As part of his culinary education, Chef Justin traveled through Asia gaining experience, and learning more about the history and culture of different Asian cuisine. Chef Justin is a true artist. He uses the finest ingredients available. His creations are beautiful, unique and delicious.


  • Sunday

    11:30AM to 9:00PM Last Seating

  • Monday - Thursday

    11:30AM - 9PM Last Seating

  • Friday


  • Saturday

    1 ¼ Hour After Sundown To 11:00PM Last Seating

  • We are always interested in accommodating our customers. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our hours.
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