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A great meal always requires a great drink, and we are more than happy to provide that for you. With traditional drinks twisted in our own manner, we offer intricate drinks like the Apples ‘n’ Honey (prairie organic & gluten-free vodka, apple sake, Crown Royal whiskey, splash of cranberry & a touch of something sweet) to simple drinks like the Motini (Cruzan aged rum, fresh lime, fresh mint). We also have various options of our own creation, as well as sugary dessert drinks for those with an extra sweet tooth.

Drinks are $14 each.

    • New Classics traditional

    • Passion Fruit

      Prairie organic & gluten-free vodka, passion fruit purée, fresh lime

    • A Kickin’ Rita

      Patrón tequila, orange liqueur, fresh orange, fresh lime, fresh lemon

    • Apples ‘n’ Honey

      Prairie organic & gluten-free vodka, apple sake, Crown Royal whisky, splash of cranberry & a touch of something sweet

    • Nouveau Fashion

      Bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange slice, cherries, raw sugar, hard work

    • Ha Olam

      Prairie organic & gluten-free vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lime, splash of cranberry

    • Motini

      Cruzan aged rum, fresh lime, fresh mint

    • Our Creations exclusive

    • Le Strizzel Bizzel

      Fifty Pounds gin, fresh basil, fresh strawberry, fresh lime, raw sugar, pineapple juice, touch of cranberry

    • Lychee Nutini

      Grey Goose vodka, lychee sake, dash of cranberry

    • Shallots Manhattan

      Woodford Reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth, pomegranate molasses

    • Jungle Tini

      Absolut Mandarin vodka, Bacardi light rum, melon liqueur, orange liqueur, peach liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lime, touch of cranberry

    • The Pink Dog

      Absolut Mandarin, muddled grapefruit, cranberry

    • Our Sweet Side desserts

    • Banana Split

      Svedka Vanilla vodka, chocolate liqueur, banana

    • Shallots Chocolate Dream

      Absolut vodka, chocolate liquor, chocolate, “cream”

    • Espresso Yo’ Self

      Svedka Vanilla vodka, Starbucks liquor, shot of espresso

*Prices are subject to seasonal changes, or at any time, without prior notice.


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